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DROP is your virtual business card linked to your LinkedIn that you can drop at specific locations. Your business card shows the company you work at, company logo, job title, and how many LinkedIn followers you have. Drop is a great tool for networking events, career fairs, and more. You can also drop your business card at places you're not physically present at. 


Drop &



Start DROPPING now!


You can either type in locations that are not near you and drop your business card, or you can drop your business card at locations physically around you.



How your business card looks!

Your business card shows your job title, company you work at, company logo, and how many followers you have. 

Business cards dropped at locations within 250 feet of you stay at the location for 24 hours. Business cards dropped outside of 250 feet of you stay at the location for 2 hours. 



Drop & Add! 

Every time a user mutually adds you back, you will see your new adds in your connections as well as messages. 


Know the stats!

You can see how many people have dropped at the locations you have also dropped at. You can also see how much time your drop has left at the locations you dropped at. 


Our Team


Alden Morris, CEO/Founder

Alden holds a BA from Ohio State University. He built his own successful technical recruiting practice from the ground up. Alden once lived in Italy to pursue edible coffee cups and a start up similar to DROP at Stanford University.




Derek, CMO/Co-Founder

Derek oversees all marketing operations alongside our CEO as we scale. 






Noah Matisoff CTO/Co-Founder

Noah has been programming since he was 13 years old. He is currently a senior software engineer at TrueCar. Noah is a Ruby on Rails engineer building the DRXP entire backend.




Jon Kent, Senior iOS Developer

Jon holds a CS degree from Syracuse University. He's built several iOS applications over the years for big companies focused on music, VR, and more. Jon runs his own iOS firm.